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Yes, the seller is very nice. I wanted this doll to arrive on a certain day but it was delayed by the shipping company having a problem. Not the store’s fault though and I’m super happy with the doll now that I have her. I still can’t believe that this doll is as sexy as she is. I had one before from another site and it was okay so I wasn’t expecting much from this but holy crap, she’s out of this world. Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, it is worth the price. First of for I will gladly say, that this happens to be an amazingly beautiful doll. Yes, she is so beautiful. I was skeptical at first but a colleague of mine assured me that you guys don’t disappoint. The doll was delivered in good time and looked like what you have on website. No need to worry about constant nagging as it is with women. Plus, no birth control! I cannot leave her now!